GoodBye 2011

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Ok, well I promised myself last year that I would start Blogging, I did but never continued, so today I will do it and continue it will be a bit of everything as you can see from the title.

A few things have changed this year, good and Bad, lets hope the good continue and the bad changes, for everyone out there x

A little run down of the past 12 months.

January:- A little Trip to London to see Lauren Kate Brown sing at the O2, She was Fab but sadly didn’t win the Open Mic competition, well done on reaching the final though.

Febuary :- Not much except lovely walks with the family and seeing the snowdrops blooming x

March :- 2 beautiful Babies born, I had the privilege of photographing them, this is one of my favourite images from 2011x

April :- What an amazing day I had, got to see one of my oldest and dearest friends again after 24yrs, I was given the honour to take photographs at her youngest sons christening x

May :- A wedding, cant believe how quickly this wedding came round, a beautiful day with a beautiful couple x

June :- Again not much but it was great spending time with the ones I love xxx

July :- A great month, Spoilt my husband by taking him to London, first class, top class restaurants and generally having an amazing time Just the 2 of us, I also got to met the newest member of our family, spend time with most of my wonderful family and by accident found a new hobby, in which most people say I have a talent (i’m not sure, so you can decide that throughout the year) I started cake decorating 🙂 x

August :- continued to spend time with my family and also attended the wedding of My great friend x

September :- Well My Beautiful baby girl turned 16 and what a party she had 🙂 xxx

October :- My little mans birthday, He had a fab party with the amazing guys from Starkidz and then went to Birmingham for the weekend…oh hold on thats November 😉 xxx

November :- What a day to remember, spent a weekend down in Birmingham so that little man could see his favourite programme live…Top Gear, it was worth every penny except we didnt get to meet them…mummy really wanted to meet the ‘hamster’ 😉 x

December :- as always a busy month for one and all, this year was extra special, sharing the day with some of my wonderful family and friends, thank you xxx

A little bit about other things and a few shout out’s

2x 24hr live entries

Photobox head on over and register for 20% first order…also dont forget to join the facebook page, they have great community spirit and amazing comps.

This Year alone they have done 2 24hr live, adventzilla and what seems a million other competitions.

Lowcostholidays, recently joined in the social networking community spirit by holding a great 12 days of christmas competition also and are suggesting more for the future.

I would like to remind a certain Photographer how awesome he is at his trade and to be more positive in the coming year (No 15) he has without knowing helped me keep my options open regarding picking up my camera in the future, good Luck mate x Dark Slide Photography and not forgetting the amazing work he has helped with for the past 3 yrs Pin Up for heroes calenders still available for this great charity.

Please also head over to Rock N Roll Bride, humorous, funky and amazing blogger of all things wedding, well when I say all things, she loves unique and different styles xxx

A few other companies worth mentioning

I have travelled Virgin trains a fair few times this year and it has always been a great journey.

Going to London? fancy a 1st class meal, then I would recommend Oxo Tower, amazing cocktails, food and atmosphere x

I cant forget meeting a photographer whom for 3 yrs I have tried to meet and have never been in london at the same, but was lucky enough to meet twice and he remembered me…lol… Seamus Ryan, based in the East End near the famous Columbia Road Flower Market.

Thank you to all my family and friends for the past year, looking forward to the next xxx

Well thats its for today, will be back tomorrow, celebrate well and safely xxx


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