R2BC (Reasons to be Cheerful)

My First Post in the regards of R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the HeartSo not going to make this a long one as would love to keep doing this all year and I’m sure that I will have more to be cheerful about and grateful, these posts will also help me keep my promise to myself to be stronger and keep smiling x

So my first Few are

1) My Health, I’m lucky to be healthy and grateful for that.

2)My Family, this is also friends whom I class as family,You will never quite understand how you have helped me through the past few years,

thank you xxx

3) My Daughter is about to start applying for apprenticeships before joining the Navy, she wants to be an engineer and we are so proud of her and her aspirations, that will always make me smile 🙂

4)Although this blog is in the early stages, I have a wonderful feeling about it, My aim to have different people and stories of Cakes, Photos and life seem to be panning out, so fingers crossed its a bopping blog with huge variations by the end of the year

And finally just to spread the love 🙂


2 thoughts on “R2BC (Reasons to be Cheerful)

  1. Fab, lovely to have you join in. That top picture is gorgeous, is that you?

    If you join in next week, link your post up Thursday morning and you shoudl find that some people will come and visit/ comment from the blog hop.

    Mich x

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