One of my Passions (PhotoBox)

I am so Passionate about Photobox, my house, my parents house and friends all have products given as gifts.

They have 5* service, 5* offers and the social media team are the absolute best, polite, entertaining and get the job done.

As I have mentioned in the first blog post Goodbye 2011 they also run some wonderful competitions, if I remember correctly the have given major prizes of  £2500 or more at least 3 times just in 2011, but you can trust that there is a competition running every day of the year, it can be anything from a quick colour comp, a week long themed one or all the way to big sponsors, latest being diary of a wimpy kid, where results will be announced soon.

The present competition on the facebook page is your favourite Photograph from 2011…..Well this time I am well and truly stumped, How the heck can I choose? I have so many each with different meanings and memories for me, many of which wont come across to those who Judge due to them being personal, Photobox aren’t Biased as to whether you have a phone camera, a point and shoot or even top of the range, to them its the message the image conveys and within the theme of which they have given us. I have entered many and its great fun to join in, so after helping me by looking at a selection of images that I feel forfill the theme, head on over and join in this wonderful little community, I cant forget they have twitter also and another jolly member of the team 🙂

right on to images 🙂 xxx

See why I’m confused…lol..


4 thoughts on “One of my Passions (PhotoBox)

  1. Oh heck Angie – what a dilema, they are all brill!! (also suffering from the same issue but don’t know why I’m bothered as their are so many amazing images by other people!!) I love your fireworks, Ollie in the woods and the babba, family one has a lovely feel too…good luck xx

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