What is the difference between fairy cakes and cupcakes?

I have a feeling this will be a discussion that could go on and on, my answer and only my opinion is fairy cakes, small cakes with little decoration, i.e – small amount of buttercream or icing maybe with a few sprinkles.
Cupcakes a larger cake with lots of buttercream and more excessive decorating.

Depending on your recipe also fairycakes have slightly more ingredients and they tend to be either vanilla or chocolate, cupcakes have much more variety of flavours.

A selection of cupcakes

Fairycakes made for a school sale

What do you expect when you enter a shop and ask for a cupcake? what price do you pay for it?

If I walk into a shop and they are charging over a pound you would expect a larger cake with lots of decoration but if it cheap then I wouldn’t expect anything more than a fairy cake.

(please remember this is only my opinion)

I will say I see people advertising/saying I made cupcakes today and then the image is nothing like I would expect, now that gets my goat.

What’s your opinion please? x


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes-v-Fairycakes

  1. I’ve finally managed to sit down and read this… I’m now thinking that I may have ‘got your goat’ with my “Cupcakes” photo Photobox Book Title Competition entry?!! LOL.
    I suppose if I had sat down and thought about it, I would have looked for a book called “Fairy Cakes” to fit with the photo of my fairy cakes… In all honesty, I think “Cupcakes” came to mind more immediately than “Fairy Cakes”… probably because “Cupcakes” are all the rage at the moment!
    I agree with your definitions. Thank you for making this an interesting read! xx

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