R2BC 7/52

Well it’s valentines week so I’ll start with that.

Sunday evening my little man was still bouncing at 10pm, nothing new but he demanded I phoned his big sister who was staying at friends, so after 3 attempts she finally answered, he grabbed the phone and ran out of the bedroom…he was talking secrets and surprises (although he had already told me), his plan, big sister was to take him shopping on Monday to buy cards and presents then on Tuesday on romantic meal at the pub near ‘spar’, great plans very thoughtful, hold on!!! Who’s paying? Well mummy you are, and daddy can pay for meal, how kind of him…lol… Tuesday arrived and off we went, had a lovely meal , (thanks daddy), afterwards we had to call at tescos big sister said thank you for a lovely evening, little man piped up thank you William…so sat in the car we are now all confused ‘who’s William?’ reply ‘stobart for bringing me 2 trucks tonight’, so all his wonderful planning and he was happier to see an Eddie or 2x

Wonderful evening, thank you guys and to finish I will leave you a picture of my present, it’s actually an early birthday present from the children but quite appropriate for the day.


A xxx


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