Cakes 8/52

This week I have been very busy on cakes, trying new things and this week I have a task for all you lovely bakers….what is your chocolate cake recipe that you love so much you use all the time, I’m after tried and tested ones I will try all and give my verdict to you, please if dont wish to comment on here email me on and in a couple of weeks I will write up a verdict on them all.

One of the trials made for daddy πŸ™‚ x

Now your asking me why? well this week I have tried out numerous different ones just to try them and have hated everyone of them,my kids loved the last one as it was more a brownie (very dense but very chocolaty), I’m after that light fluffy but full of flavour one.

Onto what else I have made this week, Lemon Drizzle cakes….amazing, even I loved it, Lemon cupcakes with a secret recipe buttercream, I personally loved that also but I’ll leave others to put their verdict on them, Toffee cupcakes with a toffee buttercream, not quite as I hoped for but will work on it πŸ™‚ So all in all a good week of trials x

Lemon cupcakes

A x


Ready for delivery to friends x


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