R2BC 8/52

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This week seems to have gone oh so fast.

I had a wonderful mummy daughter time last saturday with my 16yr old, we went to the city to look for ideas regarding Prom dresses…..found some but why oh why are they so expensive, its like when you go looking for a dress and add the word wedding in front the costs go up, same with prom dresses.

Finding out you have won a competition (yes I enter loads, mainly Photobox and have for 2 yrs + now) I have won a couple but always the small one, I live in hope to win a big prize one day (i’m a dreamer also…lol..)

Daddy or Chips? reverse caption competition

I also had great fun baking lots of cakes this weekend and the feedback was great, this is just a sample of the Lemon drizzle cupcake with a special lemon buttercream 🙂 xxx

Have a look at my Facebook page by clicking the photo 🙂 x

Oh and my hubby keeps reminding me that in 15 days it will be my birthday ( A big one), I don’t normally shout about them but I am so excited this time as we are off to London for an amazing weekend of excellent food, theatre and Photographic session…..I finally managed to finish the alterations to my dress, my Vivenne W shoes now match :).

Have a great week and take care

A x


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