Cake cases

Well for those who know me well, know that money may as well be water sometimes, I have made some silly Rash purchases in the past and last week I was hoping I hadn’t done the Same, well the good news is I didn’t :), I bought some cake cases from ebay which I have fallen in love with, I am showing you 3 here although I bought 6 different styles (1 is a surprise so definitely not showing them, the other 2 are similar but with different shade of colour).

Now how would you like to buy some cupcakes in these beautiful cases? Soon I will be looking a different packaging also which will make them divine, they are so easy to use, I placed the cases on a normal flat tray, no need for cupcake tray (in fact they din’t fit) I placed the batter straight in the case and cooked, I would suggest maybe a couple minutes more than a normal case because of the thickness of the case.

Hubby gave his thumbs up also, so all-in-all a good buy

Thanks for reading

A x


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