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I have entered so many competitions in the past few years, I have won a few times but never ‘BIG’ a bit of credit for a photographic site on a couple of occasions (usually when not many have entered) I won £100 of travel accessories through LowCostHolidays during the 12 days of Christmas and being Fair not to much of it was any use to us really but it was fun to win and I was proud of the image, a couple of External Hard drives through Photobox’s 24hr live (the original one) and I got Runner up on the Goodtoknow Christmas Tree Competition (£50 High Street Voucher)

I dream of winning a holiday and to be fair I am very selective in what I go for, I wouldn’t really want to win something that would be no use to us. I enter many that are photographic and I know it’s a very personal choice and can be argued about the interpretation etc., I have tried everything I can from being all cutesy to outside the box and have come to the conclusion that my interpretations don’t come across as I would like (must try harder…lol..)

I have complied a quick choice of 4 great sites. (please note you need to be on a desktop/laptop to access the apps that maybe required)

Photobox on Facebook….usually have a competition monthly, weekly or even daily, head on over to their Facebook page, where they have a fab team who deal with Social Networking and Communications

lowcostholidays on facebook have a smiley photo contaest at the moment finshes on the 10th March, your chance to win a Holiday (download the snap smiley to win mask (cut it out), take the photo and upload….not to hard) download from here, upload to here.

the 3rd for this post is from Jus-roll on Facebook, fancy winning a Kitchenaid, Artisan? answer a simple question here add your details and send.

If you like handbags, head over to Zatchels on Facebook…they love a good Share and offer the most amazing prizes

There are many competitions out there and to be honest I am very against voting competitions, these are just my top 4 at present and don’t forget twitter also has many competitions also.

Have fun and good luck, if you win please let me know 🙂

Photobox 24hr live (both sets of competition entries)

Lowcostholidays 12 days competition

Love A x


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