A new Compact

Last Year I decided to invest in a new camera, a compact but I didn’t want a £50 one, I wanted something that I could control a bit more than the lower end of the market, not to replace my ‘big’ one but to save me carrying it when out and about with the intention of a few photos as memories and maybe that something a little different.

I went to the Local High Street and visited A nationwide camera shop and asked a few questions, I will admit that I am a regular in there and the staff do know me but The advice I was given was wonderful, I was given a suggestion and an aim to save for, in the mean time I researched others for myself and asked many of my photographer friends for their advice also, when I had saved the money I needed I went back, I was allowed to handle my final 2 choices (more would have been available if I wanted), the first I decided was far to bulky for what I wanted and thought I may as well carry my ‘big’ one for the price and weight of it, the 2nd I handled was the one of choice as soon as I held it I knew…The Sony HX-V9, I went ahead and purchased it, I will tell you honestly now that was the camera first advised to me.

Like a kid in the candy store, I couldn’t wait to get home and have a play, first impressions amazing, 2nd still amazing and to top it, when out walking I had my ‘big’ camera as I wanted portraits of Little Man so I handed the compact to OH who promptly said ‘I cant use this’ I said you can Just press the button, 5 minutes later he was zooming and playing, so it proves its good for those who doesn’t like gadgets also.

Verdict a great little camera with lots of features, easy to use and as you will see image is a very close call to the ‘big’ one I have….1 little negative I had to call back into the shop and seek further advice regarding the menu on the manual setting.

So now you want to know the shop….yes its was Jessops and the Fab staff  (Pete, Matt Ryan and the girls) in there.

FeaturesDSC-HX9V (taken from the Sony site)

  • 16.2 effective megapixels Exmor R™ CMOS sensor – Highly efficient sensor design boosts sensitivity while reducing image noise for superb low-light pictures
  • 16x optical zoom/24mm wide angle G Lens – High quality lens by Sony, with powerful zoom range to pull distant subjects closer and wide angle for group shots/landscapes
  • Intelligent Sweep Panorama – Automatically combines a burst of images to create extra-wide panoramic pictures, even with moving subjects in the frame
  • 3D Sweep Panorama – Sweep the camera and capture extra-wide 3D panoramic images. Enjoy the dramatic results either in 2D or on a 3D TV
  • Sweep Panorama High Resolution – Sweep the camera and shoot super-detailed 42.9 megapixel panoramas. Enjoy on your connected HD TV, or zoom in withPlayStation®3
  • Sweep Multi Angle – Shoot a burst of images to see your subject from different angles. View on LCD or on HDTV with PS3® and PlayMemories™ application
  • 3D Still Image – Just press the shutter button: camera shoots two successive frames, analysing distance to create a single 3D image: view on 3D TV
  • Background defocus – Create professional-looking images with a crisp foreground subject against a smoothly blurred background, just like a DSLR camera
  • Smooth, high speed autofocus – Grab the most fleeting photo moment and lock onto your subject with crisp, pin-sharp focus in as little as 0.1 seconds
  • Tracking focus – Select a subject in the frame: Cyber-shot™ maintains sharp, accurate focus, even if your subject is moving

All images are straight from camera except for logo

Thanks for reading

A x


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