Its Here…The Man himself Duff Goldman (pt 2)

Its Here…The Man himself Duff Goldman (Title)

             What’s the worst bit about being famous?

People asking for my picture while I’m in the WC. But if that’s the worst part, I’m doing okay, I think.

And an obvious one whats the best?

Taking pictures with people in the WC. KIDDING! I think the best part is being able to help so many people in so many different ways. Charities for sure, but also helping people become better cake decorators, answering questions, and being an inspiration for people. I think everyone at CCC likes knowing that we are helping people become more creative especially in a world where creativity seems to be on the decline.

You have probably been asked this a million times but apart from family, who else has inspired you, helped to keep your dreams alive?

Jimmy Page, for sure. Jimmy had a dream that was Led Zeppelin and he made it happen no matter what. There were setbacks and highs and lows but he created an environment where this amazing band could exist. I try to do the same thing, I’m not the best cake decorator, but I have created an environment where the amazing artists who work with me ARE the best cake decorators. And not to be too sappy, but my whole staff at CCC inspire me every day. I want to make sure that as long as they are happy and having fun and feel that their work is exceptional and fulfilling, I do my job keeping the lights on. As long as they keep wanting to make cakes, I’ll keep owning cake shops!

Who that you haven’t already made a cake for would you Love to? and what would you make?

I’d love to make a cake for my grandmother, nana. I think she would be so proud of what we have been able to do and she was always my biggest cheerleader. I’d make her a cake from “the giving tree” by shel Silverstein, that was her favorite book.

You have recently opened Charm City Cakes West and started a new show, would you ever consider opening outside the USA?

Of course!

Is there anyone in the catering/cake world that you would like to do a colabrative with?

Hmm, does Vera Wang count? If not, I’d say Johnny and Vinnie from “animal” and “son of a gun” restaurants here in Los Angeles. We actually are collaborating in food and cake for my brother’s upcoming wedding in October!

Any tips on baking/icing the perfect cake?

If it’s not fun, stop. If you aren’t having fun, your cakes will reflect that.

Would you ever do a workshop in London? That’s my manager. Make it happen! 😉

And finally

You have been interviewed and blogged so many times, that many who follow you feel like they know you, tell us something we dont know, please, also anything else you wish to say or share

I’m a freak about Kung Fu movies, I can’t dance to save my life but I really wish I could, and my favorite color is orange.

Thank you So much for answering these questions and allowing my readers to find out more about you.

A x


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