The one I wanted to start with (pt1)

Duff Goldman, Charm City Cakes or as you may know him from Ace of Cakes.

When I started this Blog, I decided that my aim was not to be about me, myself and I (well maybe a few) but about my passions . Choosing a name, now that was actually quite easy and when I knew it was safe my mind starting working over time but there is no denying the first person I thought of was Duff for a guest on my nice shiny new blog, now what a start that would be, do you agree? I decided that I would ask many who inspire me without them even knowing.

CakesPhotosLife with a fair few visitors for being one so newborn, whilst on Twitter I contacted Duff and asked if he would be willing, his response was ‘TOTALLY’, loved that and it certainly made me smile, I also feel very honoured to have him as our first guest.

My cake decorating came around quite by accident and some say I do it well (have only made and decorated 5 large cakes) but I will let you all be the judge of that by the end of the year, I am not here to sell myself as I have 2 very good friends who make wonderful cakes and I wouldnt dream of  offending either in any way.

My First contact with Duff was back in October, I made my son’s his birthday cake, my daughter came home and said it was fab but not as good as ‘ACE of CAKES’ so I tweeted him an image and what daughter had said, I smiled for a week after his response but I do suspect it was just in politeness.

OK, well my next post will be here shortly…excited yet? Heck yes, I am and I have read the answers 🙂

15 minutes guys here x


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