The Blog post I swore I would never do !!!

if you haven’t read it already, living with a child on the ASD Spectrum x

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My Son, My little man, there are thousands of children ‘like’ my son out there, each one different and individual but with certain things in common, routines, not having to deal with change, social interaction struggles and many more things which to us may seem trivial but they are not, we as parents work so hard for our children to be understood, to help them understand that they need to go and see the doctor/specialist/speech or just the every day thing like the dentist, for these children it is also best that they have the same GP or dentist.

I’m taking about children on the ASD Spectrum, our house is full of posters, calenders and other things to aid little man lead the life he knows and understands, people look at him and the usual words are ‘isn’t he cute’ 2nd meeting ‘he’s lovely’ and if your lucky you may…

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