Build up and Party (R2BC wk 10 and 11)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I’m so sorry I didnt get chance to blog last week it was manic in my house, with work, kids and preparing to have a weekend away with Hubby so 2 in 1 this week 🙂

Last week,

Daughter and I went Prom Dress shopping again, I saw the most beautiful dress which she didnt like, but she tried a few on and came away thinking about it and asking grandma to go with her also at the weekend.

Little man saw his specialist for a review, he was actually quite well behaved for him 🙂

I was so excited by the time it got to thursday as Hubby and I were off to London, to spend time together, enjoy fantastic food and see a show.

Sunday, daughter took a trip to manchester with her grandma to see the good people at Rolls Royce as they were having an open day, she’s got to show them she really wants this apprentice, so going to see them is a step in the right direction.

This week,

Got back from having an amazing trip to London, blog to follow for that.

Last weeks competition was won by Carine (only entry sadly) but hoping to have another end of this week, please pop back and enter x

Finally I want to thank everyone for my Birthday wishes, they say life begins, I started it with a bang 😉


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