A Model (froggie)

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A few weeks ago you may remember that I made an elephant and teddy at a local cake decorating class, well this evening I went into the Kitchen to sort dinner and whilst there started to make a Frog :), I have taken a few photographs and hopefully be able to show you how I did it, I’m not a teacher and this is the first time of making, it wasn’t perfect but I will learn also 🙂

I got some green renshaws icing and mixed some mexican model paste with it, in the hope to streghten it so it didn’t squash down when head was attatched.

Once all kneaded together I then rolled a large section into a ball, to ensure it had no cracks in it, I then rolled it again to make into an egg shape. I made 4 marks with my fingers as a guide to where the arms and legs will attach. Set it to one side to harden slightly.

I then got another smaller ball and again rolled to ensure no cracks, this time I rolled in on the board and made a fat sausage shape, from there I rolled it on the mat but just the edges to get to squashed effect, I also made 2 larger marks on the head to fit the eyes on later, again set aside to harden.

I then got enough icing to make the arms legs and eyes, 2 each of the same size balls, obviously making them smaller each time, for the eyes I rolled the 2 small balls and with a ball tool made 2 indents.

Arms the middle size balls and rolled them out to a sausage shape, I then checked it against the body to ensure they weren’t to long or short (i had to cut a small amount of each) I then flattened one end of each and made the marks for the hands…….Same again for Legs except they should be fatter, I also bent them as a frog does ;). again all set aside to harden slightly.

I then went back to the face and added the marking using a knife (doesn’t have to be sharp).

To finish the eyes, I got 2 small balls of white icing and 1 smaller of black, I placed the white ones in the indent we made earlier and the black I cut in half and placed 1 section on each of the white.

Finally just to help it I put a piece of spaghetti into the body and the placed the head on top (please ensure its the right size), I then glued everything in place and as you can see the results aren’t to bad, I added the flowers just because :))

I do hope You can understand this, please give me feedback if you try it.


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