Lego week 10/52 and 11/52 (again)

When I started this project I bought a few minifigs and as always we got a fair few swaps, well this little man became mine and I refused point blank to swap him, I was saving him for London (obvious reasons).

I packed him carefully in my handbag and off he came with us, on Friday afternoon we had time to go for a walk and a coffee, strolling down the southbank we came across the regular street artists and this guy, I just had to ask him and he was very willing, bet he went home laughing at me, well if he did that’s fine and a huge thanks :-).





On Sunday (yes start of my week regarding project 52) we decided a trip to selfridges was order, off we toddled to find it didn’t open until 11.30 so what else do you do when hanging around 😉 yes we spent 15 minutes trying to get minifig to stay on the sign (we got a fair few funny looks from people) it was all good fun though 🙂 xxx

More to come from London soon Restaurants, Theatre, Photo shoot, Minifig and Eggs…lots of Eggs 🙂 x


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