Cakes 12/52 (a mothers day special)

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What a great excuse for me to practise the skills from my basic courses, I have had 2 lessons one in making a teddy/elephant which I transfered into making this frog, my Mum loves frogs and 2nd lesson was last night in Royal icing, loved it managed some of it but really struggled with writing but I was not going to be beaten, so after making the frog in the week I saved it….I made the cake a chocolate orange sponge with chocolate orange buttercream and spent the time my boys went to the football putting everything together. Even making the Royal icing from scratch, everything but the chocolate wrappers are edible.

I hope I tell my mum enough and show her throughout the year that she means the world to me and we all love her dearly, that we don’t give elaborate gifts just tokens x

I was very happy to see my mum loved it and thanks to my hubby for perfect timing of the photograph x (extra photo showing our little gifts)


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