Our trip to London

A quick run down of some great service for My husband and I, when we took a trip to London for my 40th Birthday, This trip could never take place without the help of my Mum, who travels (just over an hour) to stay with us and Look after the children to give us a little quality time together as we work opposite shifts and our son if you have read ‘the blog post I swore I would never write’ you would know that he has HFA or in English aspergers and is very demanding of our time. We also have no other family that are close enough to help us or well enough.

Ok first up(Friday), Virgin trains and as your only 40 once we went first class, and yes it was first class, we were served breakfast (both had the full english) but the food on offer looked beautiful from smoked salmon to scrambled eggs, choice of drinks and the staff were lovely also, very polite and pleasant, when we arrived in London we took the tube to waterloo and found the Hotel, Premier Inn, County Hall. We know we arrived early  (just after 12) for Check-in but we were hoping they could store our bags until the room was available, what we were greeted with was a very well mannered young lady who helped us with the new (to us) booking in system and to our surprise the room was ready…Yipee, great room and service by Premium Inn, my only complaint was the lack of Wi-Fi which they advertise, in the room it was non-existent and even in the reception area it was difficult to get onto  😦

After getting all dolled up, make-up and high heels for me…eeek it must have been a special occasion, we went off to meet up with Dave from Delta Pixels, who was going to take some photos for us along the Southbank/Westminister, I was so nervous as I usually stand behind the camera, but the images we have seen I’m so pleased I took the step to book him, thank you Dave. After Dave we made our way to The Wolseley, Oh my what a place, a lovely gentleman greeted us at the door and chatted to us, whilst opening the door for other customers, we again arrived early (I hate being late for anything), We informed them we had arrived but early so we were shown to the bar (I’ll get back to the Bar area later), We were not disappointed when we sat down and enjoyed one of the best meals we have ever had after the meal and ordering coffee, the manager approached us and very discreetly informed us that he believed it was someone’s birthday (I’m nearly hiding now) husband informed them it was mine and we were then presented with a glass of Champagne each, I felt so special, thank you very much. The only time I felt uncomfortable was whilst in the bar area, it was very small and no seating at all, but my issue was I felt we were obstructing the staff constantly as it was so small and no where to stand without being in the way.

Saturday, a little shopping before going to the Theatre, Phantom of  the Opera was our chosen one and I was not disappointed but have to admit that quite often I was trying to work out either how to make a cake representing this that or the other and the even photoshoots (which I know I could never organise but was good to know I still have imagination regarding photography), after we went raced back to the hotel and got ready for another meal, this time at Skylon, arrived early (again) but they had the Table ready, great choice of menu, drinks and dessert, fast service and I can recommend the Rossini (Raspberry, Strawberry and Champagne) another great place to eat.

So All in All a 5* weekend, thank you to all mentioned for providing fantastic service.

oh and we went egg hunting 😉 post to follow and I wish we had more time to go and find more of them, loved them xxx


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