Dressing up!!!

It occurred to me today after talking to my mum about our recent trip to London, that when I do get the time with hubby and we go away I always make the effort to get dressed up, he does also, shirt, tie, jacket. Are we a rare breed? I’m sat here thinking of the people in the restaurant, now I’m not talking the chippy, pub or even Frankie and Bennys, I’m talking The Wolseley a beautiful and worth every penny of the expensive food. I seem to recall thinking I’m the only Lady with a dress on!!!, it wasn’t teatime, out table was booked for 8pm.

I think I was more concious because beforehand when walking down the Southbank we laughed because of people looking at me, another thing to confuse me, why??? I’m not a 6ft size 0 model, I dont have pink, blue or green hair or tats and peircing, so was it just because I had a posh frock and high heels?

If you ever get the chance to splash out on a meal do you dress up?

Us Having Fun, Cant wait to see the rest x

Photo thank to Delta Pixels


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