cakes 13/52

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This weeks cakes were made for my little mans favourite lady, she was playing in a semi-final hockey match, They won the league last weekend and so to celebrate I made them some cakes, Little man actually made the top hats which were going on the top of them.

Now i can  hear you asking what are top hats, well thanks to My friend Wendy who told me about them and how to make them, Early yesterday morning, Little man and I set about it 🙂

Melt some chocolate ( Iused fairycake caese but they are better with petit four cases)

Add a spoonful to each cases.

Grab a marshmallow and sit it in the chocolate.

Add a little melted chocolate or royal icing if you have some to the top of the marshmallow.

place a smartie on the top.

and voila, Top Hats made, all you need to do now is let them set.

I then made some chocolate cupcakes and added some green (yes green) cream cheese buttercream to the top of them all, I had made (attempted to make) some hockey sticks and balls the previous evening, I added those to half and Top Hats to the rest 🙂

1 slideshow showing the tophats being made and a selection of images of the cakes, some on a hamemade cake stand (blog post about them at a later date (preview here)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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