Painting pots on Mothers day

Mothers day here seemed to be a very slow starter, no breakfast in bed, no big cuddles in bed, but little man had big ideas, He wanted to go to a place in Liverpool for the day (we are at 12 midday now), that wasn’t a viable option, so he came up with the idea of going to that place near sainsbury’s!! which one? the one I painted the family mug…oh you mean paint pots? yes please it will be nice mothers day present for you.

Off we went, please remember this is supposed to be something for Mummy, well we got there and he wanted to paint everything he ‘liked’ not a thought for mummy, the very nice man who runs it, was giggling at our conversation and I didn’t blame him, but in the end we decided on 2 items, A dog for little man and then he would do a plate for mummy to put on the kitchen wall.

A selection of images from the session and the finished results, I will admit I did the majority of the plate in the end but it was great fun, so much so little man went back this weekend and I believe he has made a taxi/stobart rail in design, all will be revealed by wednesday 🙂

So if your Local and need something to do Children and Adults alike 🙂 head on over and have a little fun 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BTW, the dog is named Mark after Mark Dixon who is a driver for Stobarts 🙂 x


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