A Mum on a Mission

After Laying flowers At Dixie for 21st Birthday x

Quite like many mums, sometimes you feel you have to do everything possible to help place a smile on your childs face, well Last night I became that mum, A Mum on a Mission, after the disappointment of not getting a ticket to see the FA Cup replay Sunderland -v- Everton, My Little man finally accepted it (its a difficult thing for a child with aspergers) after a promise from me that if they won, I would move Mountains to ensure he got to Wembley. He has been to the 3 previous matches with his Daddy and also a Carling Cup Game, Daddy also bought him a season ticket for next season after proving he was able to cope with everything #proudmummy.

Daddy has always been an Everton Supporter as well as the local Southport, he a held season ticket for Southport for many years, but 3 yrs ago (30.3.09) the family suffered its worst nightmare. A call from the police to say that his 19yr old son was missing at sea, 2 days later his body was found, not to go into to much detail his funeral was then held on the 14.4.09, 3 yrs to the day that Everton will Play Liverpool in the derby at Wembley, after his death Daddy decided a great way to remember him was to watch their beloved Everton and has since held a season ticket (missing only 1 home match, due to it being my birthday). Whilst this was happening little man himself had been rushed to Alder Hey after having a fall and cutting his forehead so badly he needed plastic surgery. The call to emergency services regarding 19yr old was within 5 minutes of Little man going into theatre.

So to cut the story short, My Little man, is dreaming of Wembley and Mummy made a promise, I’m not being greedy or I would ask that we can all have a ticket (Little man, Big sister and Mummy) but as long as I can get one for Little man sat with his daddy (daddy has a ticket according to website), I’ll be one Happy Mummy.

If there is anyone who can help, Please email me cakesphotoslife@gmail.com, we have sorted out Hotel (Holiday Inn) and also the train (Virgin Trains), We would be eternally grateful.


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