Lakeland, Piping bags

You can just see the Gritty texture in the image x

I love shopping for either new electronic gadgets or cake decorating equipment, recently I have purchased a few things from LakeLand (Liverpool) and love the things I got, But I feel I have to tell you about the fab piping bags…Get A Grip, they have a special coating and really help you grip better, the texture is a slightly gritty one. What I liked is when using the normal ones they tend to un ravel at the top after you have twisted and turned what seems like forever to stop the buttercream from spilling out of the top, having the gritty texture certainly seemed to help this.

At £8.99 for 50 its also a great price compared to either buying individually or from the larger supermarkets.

So next time your passing a LakeLand or even shopping online, have a go at these, value for money in My opinion.

Someone asked my the other day about my icing and I said I would add the Nozzles I use here, which again can be purchased from LakeLand (in a set), Which I dont personally have so cannot give my opinion on that. I use 2 nozzles a 2G and a 2M star, they are both very similar

Price is what is stated at time of writing on the LakeLand website and is only the opinion of Myself.


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