Mexicans??… or just a school production??

WOW!!! I do love my little boys school, when my daughter was there it was great also and to hear 2yrs ago that the headteacher was leaving, oh we were upset, he had a good ethos to the school and the saying better the devil you know sprang to mind.

Well what a surprise when we got Mr S….he’s an inspriation, he has kept everything that the previous one did well and added so much, the shows the children do, the work they put into them and on the whole are learning so much more than I could ever imagine possible. These are a few from the latest show, Little man loved practising all his spanish words, colours, days of the week, numbers and a few more.

Here are a few photos, you can see the Joy in his face and the concentration.

So thank you for making school a great place, Our time travelling Head teacher 🙂 xxx (oh and all the other wonderful staff) xxx

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Now lets do the Mexican wave…after 3, 1-2-……………….


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