R2BC Week 15

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


” wonderful things to report this week “

1) This was the week that my wonderful family descended in Norfolk to celebrate My Aunties 60th Birthday, it’s not until 16th but this was the week we could all go for a break, it was supposed to be a surprise but it seemed better to tell her that She was going to have house guests for 5 days :), it was a wonderful break for us and a great time to catch up, we all chipped in to buy her a tumble dryer (she was so grateful to us) and I made her a cake, she is a massive fulham fan but I didnt feel quite right making her a football themed for such a milestone, so I went for this.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2) Well many of you may remember a post from a few weeks back ‘A Mum on A Mission’, Well I can report that on Friday, yes Good Friday, I received a phone from Everton football Club, who offered us a ticket for both Daddy and Little man, ( I paid there and then, couldn’t take a risk of losing them) I was so grateful that I cried, was it relief or just Joy I dont know, but I do know I could never thank some people out there who went out of their way to help me in my mission, WE DID IT!!! thank you….Watch out for the photos on the 16th or thereabouts.


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