Cakes Week 15 and 16

I have been busy this week, with going away for a few days and sorting out little mans ticket for the weekend. I will also be very busy next weekend.

Well Last week I made my Aunties 60th cake, it was a Madeira cake with jam and Butter Cream decorated with Black and White flowers.

I also attempted some more Royal icing, this time swirls 🙂 (The little black specs are from the sparkler we put on the cake)

9th April

And Today, well its our 2nd wedding anniversary, we have been together a whole lot more but finally took the plunge, and it was an amazing day, we also celebrated my Mum and Dads Birthday on the same day.

The Boys had a match to attend so that gave me 3hrs to make the cake I wanted from scratch, cake and all….The flowers are Cosmos which represent 2yrs, I have been meaning to try and make these but never got the chance or the time, so these are as close as I could today, the colours are also representative of us, Blue for Hubby, Purple for me and the Black and White was the theme for our wedding.

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Oh and I also made simnel cupcakes, with handmade eggs 🙂 (well 4 of them are)


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