Poppies Fish and Chips Spitalfields and Patisserie Valerie (review)

Oh now where to begin, both of these establishments  sell beautiful foods and rather indulgent, yes that’s right both are indulgent! How can fish and chips be indulgent you say, well with 2 children 1 of whom is a self made veggie by that I mean at 3 yrs old she stopped eating meat of any kind, to this day I don’t know why! She also refuses to eat anything with a sauce but will eat veg, potatoes, pasta and rice (plain)… I swear she has no taste buds.

2nd child loves most foods but he likes things served a certain way and can pretend to be fussy, this particular evening we looked at every menu in spitalfields and beyond, then I remembered seeing Poppies one day last year and suggested fish and chips, he loved that idea, yes!!! We found something at last, when we got there we were greeted by a happy chappie and shown to our seats, daughter choose a plate of chips and 2 baps, ok not the best meal but couldn’t see her eating anything else, little man choose pie and chips and a bap (I did warn he can be awkward, remember he was happy at fish and chips), hubby and I both choose cod and chips, the food arrived and I was impressed even more so at the baps, now as much as I liked them, both children complained and refused to eat, why? Because they were fancy, they had poppy seeds on, yummy 🙂

We all tucked in and I am very fussy on my fish, but this had a beautiful fluffy and crispy batter, when I cut into it, the fish inside was flaky, not dry and most important to me it wasn’t still wet in the middle, you know what I mean don’t you?  the thicker part of the fish still seeming a little slimy.

So if you are ever visiting Spitalfields, I would recommend a trip here. Oh and look at the sweeties that came with our bill, the children thought they were lovely 🙂 x

Sweeties that came with our bill 🙂

Now the 2nd indulgent, Patisserie Valerie, this is my 2nd visit to this particular shop (they have many around the country now), First time I sat in and had a coffee and a cake, this time we choose take-away, it was getting late and I think they were getting ready to close also. On my first visit we were served by a very nice young gentleman, he was polite and I’m sorry I didn’t catch his name, I can describe him though (tall, young, had an accent and a ponytail), I had my usual coffee and a strawberry cream slice, oh my they are large slices but so moreish, the 2nd time I choose a cheesecake, hubby the strawberry slice, daughter a chocolate mousse slice and little man a chocolate muffin.

Daughter and I couldn’t finish ours this time but hubby loved his and little man always eats his slowly, 1/4 at a time, but they were all delicious and will be visiting again 🙂

Enjoy the images

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Patisserie Valerie


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