Cakes week 17

This weeks post a little bit more than normal, with a little bit about a project I did yesterday.

The cakes this week are all about using Lindt, at work on Wednesday morning a colleague had bought us a treat, a Lindor easter egg and whilst i was being naughty and eating it, it reminded me of ChoccyWoccyDooDah on our visit last Saturday ( post here )and the dipping pot……* wondering know if it would work* so, First thing I did was Chocolate brownies with Lindor in the middle, delicious according to daughter x

Todays I made Chocolate cupcakes, added a little melted Lindor to the mix, decorated them with Chocolate buttercream and a Chocolate dipped Strawberry again using melted Lindor, I then gave them a spray with Luster and this is what I got….Hubby has taken 2 to work with him this evening 🙂

And Finally, I’ll add a slideshow with all the images I have taken this week regarding cakes but including is not some that I made, I went into our Local suppliers the other day and the Lovely M and I decided as a surprise for the owner we spend the afternoon and change the shop window, I came away on thursday thinking oh gosh, was that rude of us or will she be ok, well I know K is a great Lady but I wouldn’t want to offend her in anyway, Well Saturday arrived and I had thought a lot about how we could do this without a budget, so on Saturday morning for the first time I made so roses and balls of icing, thats after I had coloured it to pastel shade of red and blue, again I sprayed with the lustre and then made some display cupcakes. (All about cakes, Southport)

I hope you Like it, M and I had a great Laugh doing it and K said ‘we are a mad pair but a huge thank you’. NO Thank you for not shouting and letting me have some fun, Guys what do you think of our little Jubilee display? please leave some blog love. Oh and the Dipping pot was also thought of when I was eating the Lindor, and it was as good as it looks 🙂 xxx

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