The Mads

No I’m not going Mad, I’m talking about the Mad Blog awards, being a newbie its a good way to show you actually do take a interest in others work, I also hoped that others liked my work, so here I sat with a pen and paper, listed all the categories and got on with reading and searching, it was great fun, but the more I read the more I realised how difficult it will be, I wanted to nominate those who have helped me but also wanted to be fair in that maybe someone else’s blog had more appeal to me personally, more about me as a person. I sat and thought and wrote notes and scribbled out, wrote another name went back and re-read some. I spent a good 2 weeks looking, if I spotted someone requesting a nomination, I popped over and had a look, saved the tweet if I didn’t have time so I could refer back. So finally I worked out the majority of categories’s and popped over to the website to Nominate.

This should be easy enough now, i’ve done the hard work yes!!! well no, as sometimes I’m a bit silly, I filled in my name then the first section was Top Blog, oh I’ll come back to that as I didnt know who to put in (Yes I know spent all that time and I didn’t work that one out, well final decision), so next page, started to fill in and realised who I was nominating for the first one, you know the one on the front page, so I clicked the back button….Well Done!!! doing that then caused the site to give me a warning message saying that I had already nominated :(. Gutted, I emailed the team and we got it sorted so I left it a little longer until the last week and then set about getting my nominations in.

Whilst I waited to sort out my error, I sat and looked at all the nominations coming through and had a read of the rules, then on twitter I saw a tweet regarding the rules and off I went to read again, I missed a part that stated you had to have been blogging for 3 months, I checked what point that was from and worked it out that I was not eligible as I had started about 16 days after the 3 month deadline. So basically I couldnt be nominated even if I begged or even nominated myself, (I wasn’t going to).

Ok so I have filled in the form and sent it off, now do I blog about it? no not yet I’ll leave it until all have been announced, so last tuesday they released the full list of nominations, So here it is, now all week I have debated whether or not I say who I wrote on that form, no I don’t want people to feel they owe me anything, do I just mention a few?, those who I chat to a lot or those who don’t even know me. No do I just post my complete list, so I finally decided that I will NOT say who I have nominated but I hope that at least one person of my list (if not all, now I’m being greedy) get shortlisted and and maybe go on to win.

So my final words after this long post and so much thinking on my behalf is wishing everyone single one of the 100’s nominated good luck and I look forward to watching it all unfold, maybe next year I can wait with baited breathe to see if I’m lucky enough.


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