Cakes week 18, I’m proud of this one

Last week a friend asked if I could make her a few cupcakes as she had her new baby niece and mum coming to visit, I knew I had my new tin arriving and I asked if she minded that I made her a giant cupcake, she was more than happy with that, so in my head I created a look I wanted to go for and bought the stuff, on the Friday I explained it to her and she seemed a little apprehensive but I knew it would work in my heart.

Friday evening I made the chocolate casing and on Saturday set about making the maderia sponge for it, It ended up 4 tiers with jam and buttercream separating the layers, I then coloured the buttercream, cut out the icing for the bunting, iced the drum board and then set about decorating it, I’ll leave you all to be the judge of the out come, but I fell in love with it, oh and the chocolate stars I also made 🙂

And this I made very quickly on the Thursday evening to make sure I could make the chocolate casing, I gave this to another friend 🙂 xxx


11 thoughts on “Cakes week 18, I’m proud of this one

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