A Visit from a little girl

I was honoured to have a guest this weekend, my beautiful 2yr old great Niece, she has stayed before but never without her Mummy and as they live so far away it was a logistical nightmare to get her here, but Our dear friend D went and met them half way and brought her, well we had great fun and she has the most amazing personality and Eyes that say everything you could ever ask for. I was Sad to see her leave today but she said she will come again so I cant be all bad 🙂

Saturday we went for a coffee just Hubby, Miss C and I and she had a play at the park, saw some chickens (Eggs as she called them) and looked for fish in a small pond.

Sunday I took her out and we went to feed the donkeys, we also got to see new born lambs and a doggy she loved 🙂

cant wait to see her again soon xxx

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I have Linked upwith #CountryKids over at CoombeMill Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


6 thoughts on “A Visit from a little girl

  1. Oh we need here here at the farm to teach her about donkey feeding, looked like she was nearly minus a couple of fingers there! She does look like the most adorable little girl, no wonder you enjoyed having her. Brave too away from Mummy for the weekend! Thank you for sharing your adventures on Country Kids

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