Family, friends and faith

I have to confess that this week I have been on a low with various things and not been up-to doing anything in my virtual life except popping on to Facebook to play the one game I do play, so I have been very quiet. Friday arrived and I have to say so did a breathe of fresh-air, my gorgeous 2 year old great niece arrived to stay with us for 3 days, so her Mum could have a break, if you knew and understood what she is going through, she deserves it and hoping she is enjoying every second, the family are so proud of you and those that don’t know but have assumed things over the past 9months regarding Myself and my family, if you cant ask what’s going on don’t assume things and take it out on us, we wont be coming to explain to you.

In the past year I have certainly learnt who are real friends and that includes some family, when I really needed them some weren’t there, didn’t believe or even try to understand and at one stage I was called weak, I may have been selfish at that point but I’m not weak at all, I am now even stronger although I have bad days still, I have been through a lot as have others but not everyone’s life is a walk in the park daily and sometimes things eventually catch you up, I do take things to heart and over analyse things, I will say if I feel you are hurting my family or friends and sorry if you don’t like the truth, well actually I’m not, I’m not perfect I have also said things that are wrong but I do and if I do it again will apologise and mean it, not saying it like I’m a 2 yr old caught painting the walls. So whats has made me write that above?

I have a very dear friend who is going through more than I could ever imagine, she is a star and is so strong, I”m not going to write the ins and outs as its not place to but over the past couple of months our conversations have really made me think, she is very proud of her religion but doesn’t preach to everyone, she believes but has been critised on a couple of occasions for saying a couple of things? Why? I’m not religious myself and I often question why there is a god when he takes people so young and often tragically, the main thing my friend said to me and I hope she is not offended with me saying this is, 5 years ago God gave me my child to look after for however long he wished him to stay with us, Our Children are gods and only loaned to us, I have had 5yrs to make him happy and thats longer than we thought, what a brave and wonderful lady amongst other things in her life, she still smiles and helps everyone.

Since blogging I have noticed a lot of people who have a faith are actually those who cope better with life and are always happy. I’m not saying I am going to start going to Church every Sunday or read the bible daily, but I will look at things in a different manner, I have always forgiven those who have hurt me or my family, when they have genuinely apologised to us but I still feel that I need to know they are not going to do it again.

If you are one of those people and are reading this do you think you can stop hurting us? build the relationships again? ready to say that important word? question some of the things I write on here, Facebook or twitter so you have the correct information before Judging? if so you all know where we are, talk to us and talk to others.


2 thoughts on “Family, friends and faith

  1. Hey Lovely x Hats off to you for writing this. It takes courage to face up to things like this, especially when it’s within family. People are too quick to presume, too quick to judge & too slow to offer support most of the time xx

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