Summer is coming and you want to sell cakes?

As you all know I am only just beginning in the road road of learning a new trade, its a hobby to me and I don’t ask for money from anyone, if they wish to donate to help towards the cost of materials that’s great, but Do people realise the cost and paperwork involved in trying to sell your cakes from home or even on a market stall to earn a little bit extra cash?


Firstly you need a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

Public Liability Insurance

Business class use on your car if delivering cakes in your vehicle

Not forgetting as a home baker you will need to contact your Local Authority and seek advice you may find that they will come and check your Kitchen and issue a certificate.

And dont forget this is the general public and not just friends who will be nice about your cakes, so they have to be what you say they are, cupcakes, the big fancy things, fairycakes smaller in comparision, chocolate cake needs to be a nice rich chocolate etc

Until you know you can successfully make money out of your hobby, is the outlay worth it?  oh and Yes dont forget the Tax man, you start to sell he will want to help you part with some of that extra cash, 2nd job? that means that he will ask you for a lot of your profits.

Please Note this is only the way I interpret the rules and regulations, there maybe more to go through or less.

Image are copyright of cakesphotoslife and are not to be used without express permission from the owner. If you wish to use my designs please ask and link back to the blog and post you found the idea from, thank you.


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