R2BC (24-5-2012)


This weeks reasons to be cheerful are

The beautiful weather, it really does make you smile and have a bounce in your step 🙂

I finally downloaded the geocaching app and little man and I have been having fun and walking more

Paris was lovely, ticked it off my mental list of places to visit, next is Italy, I’m saving for it to take hubby possible late birthday present as won’t have enough for it in 2months 🙂

Getting ready for the jubilee, bringing our little community together, something that hasn’t really happened in about 8yrs for reasons unknown to me 2 houses stopped being as sociable as when we all moved in 10yrs ago

Oh and I hoping all planning for cakes works out, if it turns out the same it looks in my head I will be smiling from ear to ear 🙂 xxx

Thanks for reading, come back next week to see what’s making me smile and if cakes worked 😉 xxx

Linking with Mummy from the heart x

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


5 thoughts on “R2BC (24-5-2012)

  1. Wow lovely reasons :0) Paris… how wonderful! And I too am looking forward to the Jubilee, so many little street parties around, is exciting.

  2. Paris is great, been once, got engaged there. Italy we did as a joint special b’day celebration. Love Italy, sure you would too, so hope you can make it one day. Will be worth the wait.

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