Snap Happy Brits Mums (days 1 – 14)

This is Inspired by the Britmums blog found here , Brit mums is a fab community bringing all aspects of blogging together but it’s not just for Mums its actually for all parents and grandparents even, have a look around.

Ok well I have been meaning to do this so I will just do 2 blog posts but with all the images requested.

So Day 1…1st thing in the morning x

View from Little Mans room in the morning sunshine x

Day 2 – Pampering

Daughter getting ready for ‘Sweet 16’ x

Day 3 – School Days

Proud moment, getting ‘Star of the week’

Day 4 – Tipple, I’m not a great drinker but this was from my 40th

Happy Birthday, Thanks to ‘The Wolesley’ amazing place

Day 5 – Blue, well This is a cheat really but I love it, hubby took this xxx

A Norfolk Beach

Day 6 – View from above

Standing over daughter

Day 7 – Warmth

The warmth of the love between 2 young cousins xxx

day 8 – best part of me…eeek hard one

The Best about me, my children (and hubby) they are the ones that make me smile everyday x

Day 9 – in my fridge

obviously a fridge 😉

Day 10 – Blossoms.

Blossom in London

Day 11 – Frozen

A Little Snow

Day 12 – K.I.S.S.I.N.G

My Dearest friend on her wedding day

Day 13 – Guilty Pleasure

ChoccyWoccyDooDah…all the words needed 😉

Day 14 – Mirror Image

Father and Son…identical in every way xxx

I will Be back next week with the final 17 images, hope you have enjoyed this post.


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