Cakes week erm…not sure (part 1)

Ok checked it out and its week 22, can you believe it? I missed last weeks post due to lots of reasons but I’m not really missing any as I was preparing for this weeks (part 2) last week, I digress from this post, sorry.

This week I wanted to do something for the children in my sons class so first I made some cookies and decorated them, sadly this took me a lot longer than I anticipated and to make a whole bunch would have taken time I didn’t have this week, so back to my original plan a cake for them, but I had a light bulb moment (well I thought it was) and I made nearly 100 cakes using petit four cases, placed them on a square drum board, 3 lots of buttercream, red white and blue and proceeded, I’m so pleased with the results more so from the expressions that all 3 children in my house gave me and then the children in school, it may not be perfect but it was well received, so I have added photos from my cookie making and also the flag cake for the children, think the teacher liked it also made this way as each a perfect size without having to cut, The children and teachers alike enjoyed I presume 🙂 xxx

A little selection of images, the cookies and the cakes

I choose to use a recipe from the website Easy Living as they are having cakeoff for the jubilee, you can view the competition and rules Here, I used the vanilla recipe for these, I sent a tweet saying I had used the recipe but it wasn’t my competition entry and they suggested I could use it as I could enter more than once, I do not have hopes on this but I can but try, although there are professionals and other home bakers who are making some amazing cakes out there who will also be entering and as you Know I’m not, I am mainly doing this as a project 52 and to help me learn. View my progress here

I’m linking up with Jenny over at Mummy Mishaps

Hopefully part 2 will be completed tomorrow evening and I will be entering it into a couple of competitions and also linking up again With Jenny


7 thoughts on “Cakes week erm…not sure (part 1)

  1. How clever are you? An union jack cake which is made up of cupcakes! Ths must have taken ages to decorate ! The effect is so good! Thank you for linking up 🙂 and good luck with the competition xx

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