Olympic Torch, a little bit of our history

Today the 2012 Olympic Torch arrived in our area, I was in Work but asked my boss if i could have 1/2hr out so I could see it, she agreed and I’m so glad to have been able to experience this special occasion even more so as the Torchbearer where I was standing happened to be the only person that I knew, we personally hadn’t spoken for about 6yrs due to a personal disagreement but I took some photos and congratulated him on the wonderful occasion and something to be proud of, he has done such a lot for the largest local football club for children of all ages, everyone in the area knows of or has played for it, even Jack Rodwell who went onto play for Everton and England. (some things in the past can be Forgiven/forgotten if you try hard enough)

So a few images I managed to take and also a video taken by friend Rob Coppell

Please remember all images are copyright of the owners of this site unless issued by the gentleman in the Photographs, if they have a logo on please do not crop or remove the logo, Video is copyright of R. Coppell, thank you


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