How do I find the time?

Last Month I was tagged in a Meme By YummyMummy?Really? I’m sorry its taken forever but it’s my first and trying to put into words is so difficult sometimes but here goes, I do agree completely with YummyMummyReally at the start of her post.

How and when do you find the time to:

Do the Laundry

Well in all honesty I do not do it, I refuse point blank and so does daughter why? because hubby is slightly OCD on certain things and when we did do it, he would come home and move it around again or Iron it again as it wasn’t to his way, So am I lucky or what (some would say yes but when you live with it sometimes its annoying but that’s the way he is and I love him)

Write a blog post

Writing my posts can be very difficult and then I get behind with what I plan to do, today is catch up day, why? well bank holiday monday and we have had a busy week and also Son was Poorly in the night so he’s being a little quiet today (hold on I need to get him a drink) Sometimes I start a post on the PC so I can upload the images and then finish whilst in bed and again save to draft others times I start it on the iPad and finish on the PC, oh I make life difficult i know 🙂 x

Look after yourself

Me? Do you mean me as Mummy, wife and general person who spends her time running around after 2 kids, hubby and working? oh ME!!! Angie, no I don’t have time to look after myself , I grab a shower, never a bath that takes to long, I also have my nails done occasionally, usually when we are having a celebration of some sort, such as my 40th in March and hubby’s 50th last year when we got to spend time together enjoying posh meals in even posher restaurants.

Spend time with other half

Well We have a support worker for little man who has him 3hrs a week, that is supposed to help us have time together and with daughter but in reality we end up shopping or other everyday things, but I also have amazing Parents who come ( over an hrs drive away) once or twice a year to look after him for us so we can go away for a couple of nights, which we are so grateful for, as the rest of my family live 250 miles away I understand they cant help but when we see them they are great, Sadly we dont have anyone on hubbys side either who can help x (due to busy lives also)

Do fun stuff with your little ones

We try to at least once a month do something fun, whether it be the circus, fair, trip or meal out, in between times I try to get out with little man at least once a week walking and geochacing, Daughter being 16 would rather spend her time out especially as she needs a break from revising, during the week is trickier with school, homework, work and sports activities.

Spend time with your family

As explained above that’s more difficult as I have no family in the immediate area, but I do phone my parents occasionally and say shall we meet half way and we go out for dinner at a pub between houses, We try to spend at least 1 week a year in Norfolk in which I organise a BBQ on a set day so we can all get together and at least have one quality day together, I understand we all have normal day tasks such as working, so being planned helps to organise things better x

Socialise with friends

Crikey this gets harder, Socialise? what’s that? to me that’s my best friend and neighbour popping in for 10 mins for a quick chat, or others friends doing the same, sadly they all know how difficult it can be with little man and sometimes he doesn’t like people in the house, so to answer the question no I don’t socialise very often.

Deep clean your house

Deep Clean the house, well its not been done this year yet (i’m naughty) but it gets done usually twice a year lounge a lot more often as I usually move that around a lot more often but after the battle with little man at Christmas I have put it off, although I am getting fed up with it now 😉 x

Do bulk ironing

Scroll up, yes a little further..see it! its at the top, hubby does it but not as bulk, it has to be done as soon as dried x

Now I need to tag, so who will continue this, if I haven’t sent you to sleep already.

Ok, so as a mum of 6 and dealing with a successful business, I’m asking Fiona from Coombe Mill, I may learn from her

A lovely lady named Helen from over at Casa Castello

and last but not least another lovely Lady who always makes me giggle and I dread to think what she will write here 😉 Mamma from Mammasaurus x


2 thoughts on “How do I find the time?

  1. It’s a tricky meme this, isn’t it. It is interesting to see which bits get left and which people prioritise. Sadly all us mums seem to struggle with the socialising bit. Maybe that’s why we potter about online socialising that way instead. 😉 Thanks for joining in. 🙂

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