My Virtual World Tour, can you help?

Image courtesy of Earthwatch

I have decided that to go with the idea of when I set up the blog of doing interviews with famous or should famous cake designers, I will do a virtual Tour, I have already virtually interviewed Duff Goldman from Ace of cakes and would like more wonderful people to bring inspiration to us all.

Your Job if you can help, is make some suggestions for me to add to the map, I have added Duff as the starting point and a few more, when we get more I will ask if they will do a short interview for us all and travel the world virtually (Unless someone fancy’s sponsoring me to tour America at least ;)…lol..)

I’ll start with others who inspire me greatly

A Wish and Whisk Facebook Page  Lyndsey has made some amazing and special cakes during her career.

Baking Mad (Eric Lanlard) Facebook page

Victorious Cupcakes Facebook page

Link to Map as Free WordPress wont allow on post

So Please help me by adding a comment with an address if possible, thank you x


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