Snap Happy Brits Mums (days 15 – 31)

2nd part of the Britmums May challenge

Day 15, Flying the flag

A Flag flying high and proud in Paris

Day 16 – Smooth

I choose this because it’s my little man trying to be a smooth guy 😉 x

Day 17 – Boots

My wonderful Old Boots, I love these and where them frequently, on this occasion we had just been to a christening and had a 200 mile drive back, so i put them back on to drive, we stopped for some dinner before heading back and my little man took this image of mummy being silly jumping in the puddles x

Day 18 – Weather

Taken on a beautiful Sunday afternoon walk x

Day 19 – Smile

To Me this is the best smile in the world (well joint with daughters) x

Day 20 – A poster

I Love this Shot, I took it Paris whilst there last month.

Day 21 – Music

Little Mans Guitar

Day 22 – A

Ok well todays being A I just had to put this as my name is Angie x

Day 23 – Religion

Another taken in Paris, this is a statue on a bridge across the Seine

Day 24 – Water

A wonderful day with the family whilst on Holiday last year

Day 25 – Old

I was going to use another photo of me for this but went for an old phone instead 🙂 x

Day 26 – Supermarket

My Children having fun in a supermarket on Holiday, seems to be a tradition in this shop now x

Day 27 – Baby

one of my all time favourite images

Day 28 – macro

The front of my old Kodak camera

Day 29 – Panoramic

Taken whilst on the escalator and camera around my waist

Day 30 – Fruit

Fresh Raspberries in and on the top x

Day 31 – Your Blog

Well my blog, it started for project 52, but has since grown and now I do Link ups weekly (if I get the chance) have made many new friends and wish for that to grow and continue, please leave a little comment Love for me

If you missed the first set of images, have a nosey


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