Aiming High

Until last year, we really struggled with things for little man to join in, he went to our local pool with his support worker twice a month for what they call quiet night and splashability, he also had 1-1 swimming lessons, group swimming lessons and tried dance (both group and 1-1) sadly nothing seemed to last with him, nothing against the teachers, they were all fab. We came across a company called positive futures (now called Sefton Aiming High), we had heard of them but had never really had any information on them, well to me they have changed so much for Little Man, he had the chance to go to Summer School twice a week, he did all sorts of different things with them and one particular activity was blow carting, this is where he meet J and then F, both whom he has come to trust with anything, all the other staff are great also and highly trained to support these children. Little Man has been to many of the holiday clubs since but earlier this year he started trampolining and then Football, the Football is in conjunction with Everton in the Community.

Why this post? because this week we had 2 great days both of which are milestones for little man.
Wednesday we went to a football tournament where the ASD teams played against each other and other mainstream teams, Little mans teams were spilt into 2, the bigger group and then the younger members (little mans team) the bigger ones went onto win and the younger ones came 3rd, massive achievements for all but for little man he actually played a part in a team as a team member (for the most time anyway and he liked the ref so much he became his shadow…lol..)

Friday another huge step with the guidence of F, he went to the local CLAC (Crosby Lakeside adventure centre), he travelled on a speed boat and also a bell bottomed boat, I wasnt there to see but he seemed to have a great time and screamed like a girl on the speed boat 😉 xSo a huge thank you to Sefton Aiming High and to J and F for being so kind, caring and constant with him.


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