Cakes week 24 part 1 (jubilee part 3)

This my last Jubilee cake promise, I made this for a very special couple, who have been friends with me for many many years and I have always classed them as my 2nd Mummy and Daddy. S asked for a piece of Jubilee cake 2
and I thought it would be nice to make her one, so on Tuesday (I thought Wednesday would have been to late as celebrations finished Tuesday), I started to make around 5pm, everything was made that evening from the Chocolate casing to the flowers, I got it finished and delivered at 10pm :), they seemed very pleased with it.

Thank you S and R for always being there when I have needed you x

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14 thoughts on “Cakes week 24 part 1 (jubilee part 3)

  1. That is completely beautiful, you clever thing! So talented at decorating them now, I don’t know how you come up with such marvellous creations.

    Thanks for linking up (pretend I wrote this tomorrow šŸ˜‰ )

  2. (Not sure if this has posted twice, it crashed earlier)

    You are so talented and creative, it’s amazing. That’s a beautiful cake and a lovely gesture for your second parents.

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