Game of Hook-a-duck anyone??

I downloaded an iPad app the other day called Hello cupcake and today I had fun 🙂 The app is fun to use, great graphics and easy instructions x

These are the ducks from the app and tomorrow I will be making some more fun ones (I may even have a go tonight yet, gets me away from the football ;)…)

Tail, feet and Beaks ready on the plate, and 6 cakes with a layer of frosting on

The Recipe asked for doughnut centres but I couldn’t find any, my alternative was 2 mini doughnuts crumbed, added a small amount of frosting and mixed, then rolled into balls, placing in fridge to set x

Add the Marshmallow (small ones cut in half diagonally) with the point up and then one of the balls on the other side x

I coloured my frosting yellow, then placed in microwave for 30 seconds, giving it a good stir before dipping the top half of the cake into the mix x

small amount of Royal icing (mine was a little to runny) to make the eyes, I then added black to finish off , also placing the feet and beak x

The Final image of him all together x

Wanted to show you, there is always an awkward one and he tried to escape according to hubby 😉 xxx

Will be linking with Mummy Mishaps x

also with TheBoyAndMe x

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9 thoughts on “Game of Hook-a-duck anyone??

  1. You at very clever at making cakes! These look great and lots of fun. I still cannot get over how you don’t eat the cakes yourself!
    Thanks for linking up again.
    New theme for June will be announced very soon xx

    • Thank you, I knew there was something I couldn’t find today, the I’m sure I will join in if I can, tomorrow I’m making a savoury theme xxx (all cake and sweets though) xxx

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