BBQ time, cake version

Another idea from the fabulous Hello cupcake app on the iPad. again very simple with great graphics and instructions.

A corn on the cob

First add a coating of frosting to your fairycakes, mine were slightly domed would be better flat.

Collect the decorations together, I used Jelly Beans, grated white and dark chocolate and also small pieces of honeycomb for the butter ( i didn’t have the yellow starburst as suggested)

Start by placing 3 cakes in a row, close to each other, then add a line of mixed yellow toned Jelly Beans along the centre of all cakes. Slowly adding to either side in rows until covered.
Add the honeycomb, I used a little frosting to stick them on, then shake the grated chocolate over to resemble salt and pepper x

I added the corn forks for a little extra for images 🙂

Showing the cakes as individuals

Please remember all images are copyright of the owners here at cakesphotoslife and if you wish to use, please request by email


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