Dear Dad…

Sunday is fathers day in the UK and I wanted to share this with my Dad.

Dear Dad,

I’ll start by saying  ‘I LOVE YOU’, I always say it on the phone but rarely say it to your face, I hope you know how much I do Love You and so grateful for everything you have done for our family.

I was 9 when I first met you, you treated us as friends and daughters, you were always fun to be around even when you wanted to annoy us by licking our ears (and I will always runaway even now) we still giggled, you have a magical way to make us smile even when things are bad, nothing ever seems to get you down and if it does you don’t show it.

For years we called you Uncle, I remember buying personalised gifts for Christmas and so wanting to take the full stops out of your initials D.A.D, so it spelt that you we’re our dad, legally but in our hearts you already were, that magical day came when I was 7 months pregnant with Miss C, I’ll never forget coming up and calling you Dad, knowing that my future child will grow up with the best grandad in the world. (and little man).

You may not have been the donor that made me or my big sister but as the saying it goes to easy to be a father takes someone special to be a Dad and to me your the best, no 1.

Love you always and forever, thank you for being you xxx

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13 thoughts on “Dear Dad…

  1. The chappie who you are bloggin here, seems to be a Superman, WHAT ARE YOU AFTER NOW?!!! I’m a pensioner now and your Mum is eating me out of house and Brandy, (an Asda one will do),
    Love and Kisses,

    As you can see he wrote this xxx

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    • Thank you, I’m very lucky to have him and the children are lucky to have hubby, he’s a wonderful dad to his children and step dad to daughter…in fact she’s lucky as she has her Daddy also to help and protect her xxx

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