Making a card and cakes for Daddy

As its fathers day today, I made some little cakes with the intention of doing some themed cakes for my children to give to their daddies, I had them planned in my head and then changed my mind because what’s more special than the children doing it themselves, so this morning I piped the buttercream for my son and he added the bits he wanted, I left his big sister to do her own.

Little Mans Cakes

Daughters cakes

Little man also made his own card for Daddy, the idea I got from Danielles Gift Page Thank you for shareing

I bought a cheap Jigsaw from poundland and used some pieces out of that (if you have an old one with pieces already missing use that)
We painted using acrylic paint again something I had in the craft box as well as the card.
I used a little bit of white tack under the pieces to help little man so they didn’t move around when trying to paint x

I hope all the wonderful Daddies out there are having a good day.

A selection of images in a slideshow of both cakes and cards

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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