Guest Blog: Sarah Leverton, Where to go in the car this summer

Where to go in the car this summer

With many of us feeling the financial pinch, it’s no wonder that more and more Britons are choosing to have a ‘staycation’ for their summer holidays.

The idea of travelling in the comfort of your own car, not having to conquer airport check-ins and speaking the same language as everyone else when you get there does make it a tempting choice.

There are so many great places to visit in the UK so there really is no excuse for not jumping in the car or camper van and exploring the great British Isles for your summer vacation.

So where are the best places to explore by car? Well, there are plenty to choose from, but we’ve put together our top five favourites:

1) Cornwall
Cornwall is a fantastic county with plenty to explore, but with limited public transport to some of the more remote areas, it really is best explored by road.

Park up and hike over the rugged Bodmin moor, camp out by the beach and do a spot of surfing or simply relax in a little fishing village on a warm summer’s day. There’s certainly something for everyone, young and old.

2) The Lake District
Fantastic for remote camping spots and glorious footpaths, the Lake District is a fantastic destination for active families with a love for the outdoors.

Wear the kids out by hiking up mountain trails, and take time to simply enjoy the views. You’ll never have a better night’s sleep afterwards!

3) Southern Ireland
For a real ‘overseas’ adventure, why not venture across the Irish sea to discover the wonders of Ireland. The drive itself is fantastic, and you have the option of going from Fishguard in south Wales to Rosslare, or if you’re further north you could try Holyhead to Dublin.

The journey itself is an adventure, so take time to enjoy the scenery there and back.

4) Outer Hebrides
If you’re looking for a mixture of excitement and remoteness, combined with a fantastic journey, you can’t beat the Outer Hebrides.

The mixture of stunning scenery and white sandy beaches, combined with the thrill of rock climbing, surfing, kayaking and abseiling surely means that it has something for everyone.

Driving up through Scotland, followed by a ferry ride past beautiful islands, makes your journey as enjoyable as your stay.

5) The Isles of Scilly. Whilst you’ll need a car to get you there and back, most of your travelling on these remote islands should be done either by boat or by bike.

Catch the ferry from Penzance, Cornwall, out to the small cluster of islands just off the furthest tip of Cornwall and be blown away by the stunning scenery and spectacular wildlife.

While the hotels and guest houses can be quite expensive, the best way to explore the islands is by camper van, and there are several beautiful campsites on all of the inhabited islands.

It’s also a great place for the family to learn to sail, with lessons readily available and lots of exciting places to explore by water.

Of course, before you set off, make sure you’re fully covered by your Car Insurance and that you have adequate breakdown cover. It helps if you’re insured for any loss or theft of your belongings – such as bikes and camping equipment. Remember, have fun!

Author Bio:

Sarah Leverton writes for Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters blog on topics such as car insurance, child safety and affordable driving. She also writes for a variety of other publications, covering a wide range of topics from sailing to health and lifestyle.


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