A selection of cakes (week 27)

A day early but hey gives me more time with my family tomorrow 🙂

I decided earlier this week that as I was making cakes for the next 3 weeks for Charitable causes I would do something based on Eric Lanlards recipes over at BakingMad.com, I choose about 9 cupcake ones and 4 tray bakes, this week I made 2 of the cupcakes and 2 traybakes.

This weeks charitable cause was the school summer fair, Next week is the Veterans Fund and week after is Cancer Research UK, a local Car show that gets bigger each year x

When looking at the recipes I had to change a few items as they didn’t sell some around here, I will say which and why when we come to them.

First up Tray bake, Chocolate Honeycomb Squares

A nice easy one and have to say very tasty, I don’t normally eat my own cakes but I had 2 pieces of this

Next up another traybake, this time Lemon ( I changed the decoration and put the silverspoon orange and lemon slices on, I also normal self-raising flour) again reported to be moist and tasty.

I was in a rush to finish I forgot to photograph until last minute, so just a photo of a slice x

Next up and I really enjoyed making these, they look so good, I made most of the flowers and all the leaves (some flowers I bought due to lack of time) Askeys Flower pots

Next up Rocky road mini’s, I changed the nuts for a packet of dried fruit and mixed seed ( due to being not sure if any children were allergic and none of my family eat nuts either and they wanted to go and buy them as mummy is mean and dont save any back) :).

Please come back next week for more recipes taken from BakingMad.com by Eric Lanlard.

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