R2BC (23-06-2012)

This week has been another good week,

I was placed in a group of wonderful Bloggers in the Sainsbury’s Favourite 20 family food Blogs and added to the Network, I was also contacted by another PR company to have a guest post regarding UKTV and Choccywoccydoodah.

School asked me to take photographs at the Summer Fair to help raise money as the children (and many adults) held an Olympic torch, carried through the town by Stuart Reynolds see his story here, (also a few images of him here)

I’m very pleased with the cakes I made this week, all recipes from the wonderful Eric Lanlard and Bakingmad.com (full post tomorrow), I will be continuing the them for the next couple of weeks using different styles and recipes from the same site.

EDIT: I forgot to add, receiving a booklet in the post, from Aiming High, children with disabilities in our area) and opening it to find a Photo of Son and his football team taken by me 🙂 xxx


I’m sure there is more but cant think right because to be honest, everything is going well (shusshhhh) at the moment so picking a few things only.

Linking with Michelle over at Mummy from the Heart

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


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