MadBlogs, BritMums and Cyhber

MAD Blog Awards 2012BritMums - Leading the ConversationCybher 2013

Yes you’ve all heard of them (well most people have).

I was very lucky to be nominated for a BiB and a Mad Blog Award, sadly my nomination for a Mad was not allowed due to the rules of time since your blog started ( I knew this but was still very pleased someone thought enough of my blog to try) and I was very pleased about the Bib but that’s as far as it went due to not being ‘known’ enough again due to lack of time my blog has been going. I am was so pleased and not disappointed to go further by any means.

So how do I get to all these fabulous meets this/next year (Mads are September ’12)?

Obviously I need to get my blog out there but this is my baby and I’m taking baby steps which are slowly getting faster and I appreciate all the support I have received so far.

This weekend I have watched (via twitter) the Bibs taking place, holding my breathe for those I know who were up for an award, feeling the sadness with them and the Joy via the social media mediums of twitter and blogs, but I so wish I was there with them.

I noticed many people have ‘Sponsors’, so guys how did those sponsors come about?

How do you get those bigger companies to see who you are and what you are about?

I will need to choose only one and that will be so difficult and each offer such different topics/aspects of blogging.

Please leave comments on how I can help Myself get to these wonderful events.


2 thoughts on “MadBlogs, BritMums and Cyhber

  1. Form relationships with companies, about six months before the conferences approach them and ask if they are interested in sponsoring you. Tell them what you can give them: advertising, reviews, etc. (All basically provide SEO links in). If all else fails, write some sponsored posts and pay for it yourself (which is what I did)

    • Thank you, now that’s where I’m confused, writing sponsored posts but paying for yourself? Or was it lots of paid sponsored posts that the money from each amounted to pay to allow you to go? Different companies etc, I’m sorry to ask so much, just intrigued as to how it worked for many x

      Email if me if easier than commenting on here please.

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